Saturday, February 21, 2009

Only in the 069

Last night my wife and I were lying around watching Good Will Hunting. Around 11pm she asked what the sound was. She does this often so I dismissed it and said it was probably me coughing or the the dishwasher kicking off. A few seconds later we heared a police car come down the street. It stopped right outside my house.

I quickly put some shorts on and went outside. This is a rough sketch of what happened.

Down the street there was a party going on in the cul de sac. An off duty police officer returned home to find a bunch of teens drinking outside the house next door and in the street. He either called the police or just ran them off. A skirmish somehow took place outside my house. The neighbor across the street came out with his police edition flashlight and watched as a car tried to run over a 17 year old boy. It backed into the kid knocking him flying and the car hit the lamp post in my yard. That's when my neighbor stepped in front of the car and tried to block it from taking off. He flew on the hood as it took off. He held on and smashed the windshield with the flashlight. He fell off and the car sped away.

When I went outside a senior police officer was questioning the teen that had been hit. The kids admitted to drinking and was examined by the fire department-2 trucks and a chief SUV showed up as well as about 5 police cars. 2 firemen examined my neighbor who had a knot on his head and was somewhat scraped up. When he couldn't remember what month it was and he said it was 2008 they insisted on taking him to a hospital.

The dust settled outside my house, but back at the cul de sac the police had 5 boys sitting curbside. At one point I could hear the officer threatening to take them in to the station. This went on until about 12:30AM. I imagine a few parents had to come and pick them up.

I just want to know what really happened. Someone is riding around with a dented rear bumper and a busted windshield. AND this person could face attempted vehicular manslaughter chargers. I'm not sure I'd ever be jumping on the hood of a moving car.



KauaiMark said...

It happens here in the 408 also.

It doesn't usually last too long because the "party hosts" usually only stay for a few months before moving along.

As for trying to block a car with your body? Not advised->

The MAN Fan Club said...

Mark, I found out that the party host is the teen of a family who moved to California. They left their teen here so he could finish the year out. Hope he is 17 or older.

me said...

This all sounds like legit normal things, no need to worry... Wait til this Friday's party at your house happens..

The MAN Fan Club said...

Me, I hope nobody ends up on a car hood or fighting in the streets.

Anonymous said...

This used to happen on my street when I lived in another part of Richardson. It never got to the extent of your issue but it was not uncommon for the high school age daughter to throw parties on the weekend. I would say about one a month. She was very popular so there would be about 100 kids in the yard and in the street. I did call the cops once because they were being way too loud.

Since I live in the neighborhood I do now that has not been an issue. The parents seem to have a lock down on their kids.