Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's Only a $1

I took my son to McD's today and ordered him a kids meal and I ordered the #13, a fish fillet meal. I grabbed our cups and filled our drinks as they put together our order. I saw a kids meal on a tray with a chicken club sandwich sitting beside it. I sat there for a few minutes waiting for managerial help and finally one of the managers made eye contact. I told him I asked for a fish meal, not a chicken club. He took the chicken sandwich and slid it back in the ready food area and said he'd bring out the fish sandwich.

After he gave me the sandwich I investigated that I actually got overcharged $1. My dilemna was whether to try to explain that they owed me a dollar, ask for an ice cream off the dollar menu, or to just let it go.

I sat there and figured it wasn't worth the hassle. It made up for Wednesday night at Chick Fil A when we were given an extra 6 piece nugget box in one of the kids meals. That was about a $3 gift IN our favor that time.


JDHTEACH said...

That is a gift! My kids love Chick Fil A...who doesn't but it is WAY more expensive that MCD's

JDHTEACH said...

I don't why but in the last 6 months fast food from BURGER joints have not agreed with my system. Taco bell fine but McD's Burger King or Wendy's .... Not good.

So what I have been doing when I take the kids to these places is I have been getting their salads.

All of the places have salads now and I like all of them. I personally thing Wendy's does the best salads. You can get the big ones for $4 + or they have the little one for 99cents. And it is good. The Wendy's Chili and a small salad for $2.14. Not a bad deal at ALL

Unfortunately, I think my fast food burgers are behind me. Which stinks because I LOVE the quarter pounder and the WHOPPER with cheese.

They just sit like a brick and for 3 to 4 hours I just feel blah

The MAN Fan Club said...

JDTeach, Kids meals at Chick Fil A are a lot better and really are no more expensive. You've just got to use their coupons. I get 1/2 priced breakfast EVERY Friday from a parent of a child I had in class 2 years straight. NICE!

billy v said...

I agree, sometimes the hassle to get my money back just isn't worth my time.

me said...

Not saying it happened in this case, but some places KNOW that most people will not go thru the time to get back a dollar or so, so they have "errors"... Heard about a phone company about 10 yrs ago that had put some kind of 10-15 cent charge on the bill & only like 10% said anything.. Let's say it was 10cents & they had 5mil customers, they'd make 450,000.00 after refunding the 10% that did call in.. that's not bad for an "error"

The MAN Fan Club said... I could be pilfered for $50 a month on my checking account and would never know it.