Monday, February 23, 2009

Is It The Shoes

There is a shoe place in town called Run On and I've always wanted to go and get fitted, but I knew it would be a little more expensive than what I'm used to. My idea of buying shoes is going to the Reebok outlet and paying abou $100 for 2 pair of shoes.

With $90 birthday money in hand I went to Run On this past Saturday. My friend B met me there and really just observed the process. First they have you walk down and back without shoes on. Then he measured my feet to determine a size. He then put a Brooks on my right foot and a New Balance on my left and had me walk thru the store. The Brooks felt better. He then put a Saucony on my left foot and had me walk again. Still the Brooks.

He then asked if he could box it up and I asked what the price was. $125. OUCH! At least $25 more than I was thinking. With tax I walked out $135 lighter. My dad paid 1/3, my mom paid 1/3 and I paid the rest. The most expensive shoe I had ever purchased.

I did get personalized service. I found out that I have a neutral foot, with a D width. I also found out that I had been purchasing shoes that were too small. I normally buy 8 1/2 to 9 and the guy who assisted me said I was a size 10. I wore the shoes for the first time today to work out.

At least now I wont feel so bad paying $70 for some of the top shoes at Academy Sports or Sports Authority.


kvkid said...

I just got some new shoes also. I'm usually a Wal-Mart guy but this time I went to a place called Fantastic Footwear. They were having a clearance sale. I got a $90 pair of New Balance for $28. Most comfortable pair of tennis shoes I've had in a long time.

me said...

It's gotta be the shoes!

billy v said...

If you are a runner (or very active on the treadmill) you don't want to skimp on "equipment" that can do damage to your body if the equipment is faulty. Spend the money in this case. Now if it is just knocking around shoes,not used for sports and such, cheap out.

The MAN Fan Club said...

kvkid, That is what I am going to do from now one. At least I know now what size to buy.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Me, "Is it the shoes Money?"

The MAN Fan Club said...


Treadmill for sure. Also now I am better educated about my correct size and foot type. I'll shop around for a deal on good shoes next time. Possibly buy 2 for that price.