Monday, January 05, 2009

Lost Coupon Book

If you've followed my blog any at all you know how much I enjoy getting deals. Before the Christmas break I ended up putting together a coupon binder. I always cut coupons, but often find them after they expire or forget that I even have them. Often times I just can't find them. I bought clear sleeved business card holders and probably clipped and cataloged over 50 coupons. I do know that Pillsbury puts out a lot of coupons for their biscuits and such.

We took the binder to St. Louis with us and used it a couple of times. One time I took it to a grocery store and shopped for my mom. A few days later I couldn't find the book. I searched my mom's vehicle and even called the Schnucks to see if I left it. No such luck we never found it.

I guess someone hit the coupon jackpot that day. I will come back and arise from the ashes. I bought Sunday's paper and pulled the 3 coupon sections. I have one clear sleeve ready to go and need to get a one inch binder. I think I may get the baseball card sleeve because it should make it easier to read the coupons.


me said...

How much do you save doing this? I am being serious.. Times are tough, we may need to start going this route.

Erin said...

I use a coupon binder as well! The baseball card sleeves work great! It is so much easier to see everything and get right to them! We save a ton in groceries doing it.

Anonymous said...

Me, You can save quite a bit. We started doing the coupon thing seriously for groceries while I was in the hospital and getting half of my salary. On average I would say that you can save 30-40 dollars on your groceries.

I would also suggest getting "a card" from your local grocery store. Many times with your "Kroger Card" you can save a bunch by buying store brand. This with the addition of coupons my wife has saved a lot. The record is 92 dollars on our bill and we did not have to go back for almost 3 weeks.

unt grad said...

I joined and using the list it provides me I saved about $60 this past weekend. The subscription is $10 for 8 weeks and you get a weekly list of your favorite supermarket and a comparison of the items they have on special with the coupons from your area's coupons. Once I get really good at it, I'll cancel my subscription but right now it does a lot of the leg work for me.

I love the idea of the sleeves, but where do you get them? I tried to find some when my son did a project for Boy Scouts but couldn't find any.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Me, if you are organized and disciplined enough you can save big. Buy when something is one sale and when it is triple coupon. You get things or FREE. I hate showing up somewhere knowing I had a coupon that could have saved me money.


The MAN Fan Club said...


Maybe I'll trade my business card size in for the baseball ones. I'll start fresh this weekend.


The MAN Fan Club said...

unt grad,

I got my at OfficeMax. Both that and Office Depot usually have them About $5 I think. Well worth it for organizing.