Sunday, January 04, 2009


Saturday here in North Texas was amazing with temps in the high 70s. I got the call on Friday to see if I could detail a car. I previously traded childcare for a detail and yesterday was the payoff for a friend. While I was finishing up the Infinity, which hadn't been detailed since new and 58,000 miles I got a call to see if I could detail a truck. This would be in exchange for the Christmas tree we got late November. I went ahead and detailed the truck and a Hyundai Sante Fe to pay off that debt. So, on the nicest day in months I detailed vehicles from 10am until about 5pm. I am on the bit sore side today.

Today the temps are in the 50's. The wind is whipping from the north making it unenjoyable to be outside. We came home from church to find our front door wide open. My daughter that we were going to leave behind didn't pull it all the way shut. (We came back from Missouri to find that our front door was unlocked for 10 days as well. So far I haven't found anyone living in the attic or under a bed. My truck was here as well as the laptop.)

Tomorrow the temps will top out in the upper 30's with a chance of freezing rain. Maybe we'll get lucky and have a late start. Haven't got out of bed before 8am in 2 weeks.


me said...

You are lucky everything was still there..

The MAN Fan Club said...


Happened again today. My back door was wide open. I checked this morning to see if it was raining about 6am and the wife came home to see the back door open. Imagine my electricity bill. Although I reset our thermometer to AC.