Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thankful Moments

Why does it always seem like we remember the bad things that happen to us. When I visit family in St. Louis I sometimes get beat down by my brother who often says, "Oh yeah, nothing is easy....." and other sayings that are kind of negative like this. I think that the 10% of bad things or negative things seem to occupy our thoughts more than the 90% of neutral or positive things that happen to us. One example could be that out of 10 golfing trips it might have rained 1 time, but during that one time we thing....."It had to rain today, the one time I get off work and try to golf."

Well, today I am thankful for the one negative thing that COULD have happened to me and DIDN'T. I was driving back from mowing my friend's lawn when I noticed that I was indeed going 50 m.p.h. in a 40 m.p.h. zone so I backed it down a bit. Sure enough less than a 1/2 mile later I noticed a motor cycle cop pulling up behing me. I remained calm mainly because he didn't have his lights on. He then proceeded to pull into the lane next to me and stopped 2 cars ahead of me before turning on his lights. I thought maybe he was going to point for me to pull over as the light turned green. Nope, he pointed at the car in front of me. That guy got a ticket and it could have just as well have been me that got the ticket.

After I got home I realized that I have our church's advertising placard on the back of my truck. Did the Holy Spirit intervene and cause me to be aware that I was speeding? Is there a possibility that the officer saw that and decided not to give me a ticket? Or did God intervene and blind the officer to the truth that I was speeding too causing him to ticket someone else?Spiritually, crazier things have happened.

Either way, thanks GOD for sparing me a $100 ticket.

MAN FOTD: Did you know that according to today's USAToday there are still 78,000 service men missing from WWII? Makes the 3,000+ service men who have died during this Iraq War pale in comparison. There are 4 missing to date in this war.

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