Saturday, August 18, 2007

The $100 Dollar Test

We went to the bank today to deposit my wife's check and also to take out enough cash to start our budget system. We arrived around 12:30 and after sitting in the bank drive up lane for about 10 minutes without moving my wife got out and went inside. Does anyone else feel slighted that the 2 empty lanes are for "commercial" accounts only.

After a few minutes I realized that my wife indeed made it inside so I pulled around to the front of the bank and waited for her return. A couple pulled in next to me a few minutes later and made it inside also. After a short wait my wife returned to our truck. She holds up a $100 bill that she found on the ground. If you remember about 2 months ago I found a $100 bill at BigLots and returned it and never heard another word about it.

We sat and pondered about what to do. Comments from my last blog tend to slant towards keeping it if it was OUTSIDE a place of business. Together we decided to wait and see if the couple who parked next to us lost any money. When the guy walked up next to us he was surprised that we started talking to him. He reassured us that he didn't lose any money.

That said we decided to drive off. We continued to discuss what we should do. Did God bless us with a $100 bill? What he testing our character?

Once again, what would you have done?

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