Saturday, August 04, 2007

Down for the Count

The main goal for today was getting my mowing completed. It had been 8 days since I last mowed so I took off about 9:30am this morning with my daughter and after getting a donut and making a deposit at the bank I started mowing about 10am.

Long story short, I mowed 4 lawns in the heat of day and I staved off heat exhaustion, just barely! I spent most of the afternoon laying on the couch watching The Bourne Identity.

I felt revived enough by 8pm to take my family for sno cones. Wow, it hit the spot.

Fact for the day: 70-80% of toys bought in the USA were made in China. We have one of the toy sets that were recalled due to lead being in the paint.

I wonder a)how many don't know about a recall
b)how many who do know about the recall just throw the toys away
c)how many take the time to get a refund?

Saturday AM: yard sales or rummaging some may say

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