Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Day

I was really looking forward to being back worshipping at Hope Fellowship this morning. We woke up and got out on time. My daughter was to leave from church for her first ever camp today. One last minute visit to a convenience mart for a disposable camera and a snack for her. The number one highlight of the day happened while I was walking down the sidewalk towards the front door of the church. My daughter voluntarily grabbed my hand and we walked side by side to the front doors. That really hit the spot. One one hand I see my little girl growing up and going off to camp for the first time. In the same frame of time I am reminded that she is still my little girl.

After church we ran and got her a quick snack since they won't have dinner until 5 or so. We came back to church and checked her in at 11:30. The bummer thing is we found out that she will be in a cabin with girls and counselors from another church who have 12 kids going along with our 100 or so. She didn't have any separation anxiety that we saw. We said our good byes and walked away.

We had our favorite lunch, Durkins, with our son. Durkin informed me that the Cardinals were on national TV against the Phillies. After lunch we came home and my son got me to jump in our pool and play wiffle ball with him. Then a trip to the swingset to dry out. I think he is enjoying all the attention since sissy is gone.

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