Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shriner's Circus

A few weekends ago a friend called inviting me and my son to go to a Shriner's Circus for FREE! Count me in. Once there I went ahead and paid the $10 for parking since my friend got the tickets and drove the 30+ miles to and from. He took his 2 boys and immediately purchased these light up swords for his boys. I knew then I'd have to buy one for my son. I really feel cheap when it comes to things like this because I usually manipulate my way out of buying overpriced items like this. I hestitantly walked up and said I'd take the blue light saber. $10.....WOW. My only other cost on the night was the $5 frozen solid snow cone. At least it came in a souvenir cup.

While there one of our 3 sabers broke, but we were able to get a replacement one. I felt okay about the night, we left early since the boys were bored by the 1/2 time intermission.

My son ended up breaking the light part of his saber the next day. It is hard explaining to a 3 year old why it broke and why daddy just wants to throw the piece of junk away. My son was persistent so I finally found the small screw driver and pulled it apart. Since I teach 5th grade and we deal with electric currents, wires and batteries I quickly saw the problem. This light saber had about 20 lights on a thin frame connected with tiny soddering. One of the soddered spots came undone 1/2 way up the pole AND the wire was disloged from the battery terminal. My chances of fixing it was about 5% or less.

It has sat on the counter for 10 days now and I think it will go out with the trash Friday.

It is sad that the non-profit organization is selling these dollar store made in China items for $10. Probably costs them about 50 cents or LESS for them. I usually give my kids a dollar amount and in this case he would have had to pick from the sword or the snow cone. My kids are pretty good about this too. It is just tough when the person you go with ends up buying his kids about anything they asked for.

Free wasn't FREE!

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