Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where Am I Supposed to Be?

Today was my final day to have all by myself. I actually didn't sleep in today. I got up and made chocolate chip pancakes with bacon for the kids and I made my wife a knock off of an Egg McMuffin. Once they left I got around and headed to the gym. As I mount the treadmill and look to engage my Iphone with my Pandora App I notice that I received a text from a fellow co-worker. Seems she was at an inservice that I was supposed to attend for content point persons.

I texted back and forth a few times and left off with my possibly attending the afternoon content specific session. This allowed me to get in a shortened cardio workout as well as visit the local market place to pick up chips and dip for my noon luncheon with my 5th grade team. I did enjoy a shortened luncheon with my team and headed off to the 1pm afternoon session that was Science specific.

Long story short, I got everything I needed in order to present science material back to my peeps at school. I did receive a text from my assistant principal that asked did I miss something this morning. Nobody at the inservice gave me a hard time and in all truthfulness I didn't end up sitting thru a beyond boring morning session that talked about designing lessons for English Language Learners. I say this because I figure that is less than a few % of our total population so I may or may not have this student in my class.

Did I forget? Did I delete an important email reminding me of my expectation to attend this inservice? I am not a planner kind of guy and have all the appointments and meetings rolling around in my mind all the time.

Summer is almost over.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been Mikey boy, Mikey Boy, oh where have you been cousin Mikey?

KauaiMark said...


You been busy? No posts in over a year!


KauaiMark said...

Hi, Man

Glad to see you're still around. What's new?