Monday, December 03, 2007

Tree Shopping

Once again I worked out a deal to get a "free" Christmas tree. Friends from my former church run a tree lot real close to my house and I happen to be his son's teacher for the 2nd year in a row. Last year we went with an 8 foot Nobler fir, which tonight I was informed was the Cadillac of trees. The have a huge one that is marked at $499. WOW! The tree last year was marked $129 and I traded out 3 auto details, one of which I still owe.

Tonight we bundled up the kids as it is a bit chilly here. My wife was wanting a taller tree since we have 12+ foot ceilings so we ended up sellecting the entry level Douglas Fir and it is near 9 feet tall and was marked $79. That will cost me 2 details.

Before we had this deal we usually bought a 6 foot cheapy tree from major home improvement stores in the area and would budget about $40. I'm told thru my current hook up that these trees are cut WAAAAY in advance and usually don't stay "fresh" as long. Maybe.

My best tree experience came in Carthage MO in 2001 when we went to a tree farm. We walked the grounds, selected and cut down our own tree. Boy was it a fatty. It took up half of our small dining room and I had to cut off branches just to get it outside after it had dried up.

Tomorrow night's task is decorating it. My wife will do that while I announce basketball!

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