Thursday, December 06, 2007


Really no matter where you work you could always keep a journal of what has been said and possibly write a book. The following are things I've heard said by elementary aged kids the 10 years I've taught, or someone else reported it said.

1. While researching the planet Uranus(sounded 'yoor uh nus')
Student: "Hey, I'm looking at pictures of your anus." So it sounded.
Also on one students poster this child wrote, "Hearing the name makes people laugh..."

2. Doing the "it" word family my daughter threw in "shit".
Teacher: "not in this family....."
A few kids later someone offered "tit"
Teacher: "No, next word."
A few kids later a kid says, "Clit, my friend is named Clit."
Teacher: "I think that is Clint, let me spell it for you on the board...."C L I N T."

3. First grade doing the "ell" family:
A kid offers up "hell" and the teacher acts like it is not a word and the child says, "Yes it is, as in 'hell yeah'.

4. We researched fossil fuels this week and one student typed up the top 10 things about petroleum. This student then made a poster and only had the top 9 reasons, but the printed out research notes had a number 10 and it said, "Each year 84 million burglars are impotent." Imagine my curiosity when I only saw #10 on my printer. I thought about it and finally noticed a computer in my room was on. When I went to log it off I saw a website that said we import 84 million? or billion? barrels of petroleum each year. It SHOULD have read "Each year 84 million BARRELS are IMPORTED. Think teaching spelling isn't impotent? I mean important.

On a side note I had a personal best on the treadmill: 2 miles=24 minutes 10 seconds.

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