Friday, September 21, 2007


After teaching a few lessons on food and nutrition at school I decided to add fiber to my diet. One girl brought in a box of Fiber1 cereal and with one 1/2 cup a person could get 57% of their daily recommended grams of fiber. So when I saw Fiber1 breakfast bars I had my wife get some. They only provided 40% per bar so the first morning I had 2 of them with a diet Pepsi. BIG MISTAKE. By 10am I was experiencing some severe gas build up. I had not had this level of discomfort EVER. While monitoring my class I probably walked out into the hallway 10 times a half hour to let loose. I really had to be careful and hold back a bit because I know people down in the cafeteria or the gym would hear.

Everywhere I went I tried to pass some out inconspicuously. For the most part they were odor free, but I get moving around just in case. From 10 to 10 that day I probably let out about 1,000 air biscuits. The next day wasn't quite as bad, or should I say I didn't let loose as often, but the odor began to get offensive.

It took me about 3 days to recover and I think I will let someone else have my Fiber1 breakfast bars. I could let the kids have one each for breakfast!

WOW. I'm not exaggerating in this story. Buyer Beware!

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