Monday, June 07, 2010

Facebook Drawback

One thing about Facebook that has kind of gotten in the way is when you share something it may be intended for just a certain group of people. Not sure if I can edit who gets to view my latest comment. One issue we will have tomorrow is that we are having a birthday party for my son. I know of at least 3 different people we did not invite and my son attending their birthday parties. If we post pics of the party those who did not have their child invited may feel a little bit slighted. We shall see.

I also found a cream ale, Little Kings, that I drank occasionally as a younger adult and decided not to post it since many of my Facebook friends are through church and such.

I do pride myself in not ever really hiding things from people. In the case of the "case" of Little Kings I just know a few of my friends don't drink and probably are offended by it. Albeit a very small percentage, I err in not posting it.